about sheo design

Sheo Design is all about inspiring and empowering people to design spaces that focus on simple living, wellbeing and sustainability. We do this by showcasing unique homes, as well as the story behind the design from owners, architects and interior designers.

We run Sheo Design home tours, which bring people inside inspiring homes to experience architecture and design firsthand. They provide the opportunity to learn about design principles direct from architects and also hear from the people who live there. Some tours even offer a glimpse into the homes and lives of local creatives. The first home tour was held in Brisbane in September 2018 and we are in the process of expanding to other locations.

You might be building a new house, renovating, looking to improve your existing home or workplace, or just have an interest in design. Sheo Design is where you’ll find tips, resources, home tours, and interviews with cutting edge architects, homeowners and creatives to get you started.

Sheo Design is based in Brisbane, Australia. 

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ABOUT the founder

Hi! My name is Kate. I’ve had an interest in house design for a number of years. I was looking for inspiration a couple of years ago when I built a home by the beach in Northern New South Wales, and it really got me thinking about the use of space and materials, particularly how a home’s design can affect our wellbeing, happiness and the environment.

With a background in marketing and events, I’m partnering with architects, interior designers and others in the property industry to help share their work.