How does your home make you feel?

Have you ever consciously thought about how your home makes you feel? Or your office for that matter? Without even realising it, the way our spaces are designed and the items within them can influence our brains, health, mood, productivity, relationships, stress-levels, happiness, and even creativity.

When I built my first house, it got me thinking about how each of us has the ability to create spaces that can ultimately improve our happiness and wellbeing. 

Through Sheo Design, I will inspire and empower you to design healthier, simpler and more sustainable spaces. You might be building a new house, renovating, or simply looking at improving your existing home or workplace. This is where you’ll find tips, resources, home tours, and interviews with cutting edge architects and homeowners to get you started.

Capturing Sheo’s attention this week:

READ: The Kinfolk Home. A great book that looks inside the homes and lives of people around the world who value slow living.

WATCH: Minimalism: A documentary about the important things. A thought-provoking film from The Minimalists that explores what minimalism means to different people and how consuming less can make us happier.

DO: Ecostore Good Soap for a Good Cause. Fundraise for your cause with bars of soap instead of bars of chocolate. What a great idea for a healthier alternative that also supports our environment!

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Kate Derbyshire